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Is It Viable To Do Stock Trading Online?

Friday, April 9th, 2010

To do stock trading through the internet has become very common now. There are many websites that make you do trading through the internet. You can see all the stocks and do whatever you want to do. Online stock market trading is very interesting, but it needs to be done very carefully. One wrong click of the mouse will make you lose money. The actual process is very easy and you have to just follow it carefully. You can start with dummy accounts where you don’t have to actually invest money. When you do this way, you will learn the basic of the stock trading systems and also won’t lose any money.

There are a few stock trading tips that you have to look into while trading online. The first is that the prices change in a second and the dealings are not in actual time. If the internet is slow, then it will affect your trading as your trading will reach late in the stock exchange. It is always advisable to stick to your decision and not to change it at the last moment. The decision should be made well in time and sent so that it reaches the stock exchange well in time.

The unstable nature of the stock market makes it very vulnerable. It is best to study the moves of the stocks carefully. It has to be read carefully so that you don’t end up losing money. When you are doing stock trading online, you have to trust your broker. However, you can’t act purely on trust; you need proper statements and e-mails through which you will come to know the actual facts of your trading. If there are no factual statements of your trading accounts, then be careful and ask for them as they will be proof of your trading.

With the help of online trading you can place limit orders. It is very convenient when you don’t have time to keep track of the prices of the stock. You can place limited order on stocks for buying or selling as it based on your judgment. This way you can reap the benefits of the unpredictable session during trading time.

If you are going in for online trading you should do your research properly. There are many charges for every transaction or any other activity. Find about all of them and see what suits you best. The brokerage fee charged by the broker is one aspect of this. In addition to it there are many additional charges like commissions and fees charged for buy sell alerts, chart and other tools facility, mobile services, e-mail alerts and so on.

If you are a beginner, then you should always setup a stop loss. You should set a level of stop losses so that you don’t face much risk. Keep a check on the money debited/credited from your account for each trade executed because technical reasons might lead to discrepancy which cannot be avoided. If you are careful in the beginning there won’t be any loss.

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